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I combine my passion and dedication with my clinical skills and knowledge to treat and rehabilitate a wide range of conditions.

Whether you want to walk without pain or compete in an Ironman triathlon I will help you to achieve your goal.

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Physiotherapy Urgent Care (PUC) is a rapid access (less than 24 hours) to a telephone advice service, operated remotely by a specially-trained Chartered Physiotherapist. It is available 365 days a year, including evenings.

Telephone:  0794 058 5536

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Throughout my career I have enjoyed helping people to rehabilitate a broad range of conditions whether they want to walk without pain or compete in an Ironman triathlon. My career started at West Middlesex Hospital learning the fundamentals of treating a broad range of conditions and injuries. It was during this time that I started working in private practice at St Mary’s University treating elite athletes. I have also worked for Fulham Football Club Academy looking after the junior teams during matches and overseas tours.

I then moved into private practice in Kensington and started my Master’s in Sports and Exercise Rehabilitation at University of Hertfordshire. I also cover events held for a variety of GB sporting teams liaising with numerous healthcare professionals and having to have knowledge of numerous sports.

Whilst studying for my Master’s I had to reduce the number of hours seeing patients and I really missed this so I started part-time in private practice in and around the Hampton area. Having completed my formal studies I’ve also been studying plant-based culinary sports nutrition and I have joined the Physio & Therapy team in Teddington.

I enjoy taking part in a range of sports from Three Day Eventing to Ironman triathlons so I am also used to injuries. I bring these experiences into my practice as I have an understanding of having conditions from a disc prolapse to a number of fractures. With my friendly, functional goal-based approach I use my drive and determination to find which combination of physiotherapy modalities and skills most fit your condition and are most suitable for you. This may be acupuncture, soft tissue therapy, manual therapy, pilates, strength and conditioning and/or nutritional and lifestyle advice. Helping you to understand the diagnosis and treatment is also key to my practice. This will help us to work as a team to formulate realistic goals, set timelines, plan treatment and get you back on the road to recovery. I’m always honest and want my clients to feel at ease about approaching me with any question and I will always do my best to help and resolve it.

Ellen Goldsmith
At the paralympics track With Hannah Cockroft With Owen edwards and Louise Walden


Lewis Moses

Ellen is a very approachable, enthusiastic vibrant physiotherapist. She is willing to listen and her refreshing attitude makes her very easy to talk to. She always puts her patients first and considers their needs.

Hugh Bearryman

I met Ellen after being sent to Teddington Hospital by my GP for physiotherapy on my right knee. I had had treatment from a private physio, who had diagnosed a Baker’s Cyst, but my GP wanted a second opinion. I suffer from a genetic disorder called Milroys disease, a rare condition that causes chronic bilateral lymphoedema amongst other things ans so had to give Ellen an explanation for the swelling in my legs. Although Ellen had never heard of Milroys she patiently listened to me and my concerns and, after I had left, went the extra mile by getting in touch with a contact at St.Georges hospital for advice. St.George’s and St. Thomas’ lead the world in research for this condition.

Upon my second visit she told me of this, agreed with the opinion of my private physio and gave me a set of exercises that she thought would aid my balance as I would have to have an ultrasound scan to confirm the diagnosis. She worked diligently on me and with me to explain the exercises which have helped to strengthen my legs and on my last visit said she would email St.George’s to see if they minded me emailing them. St.George’s genetic department were happy for me to get in touch with them and as a result (though a long tortuous process via my GP, not relevant to this testimonial) I will be going to the best place possible for treatment – all because Ellen cared enough not only to learn more about a rare condition that would extend her knowledge for the future, but because she cared about and for her patient.

I owe her a great debt of gratitude that for the rest of my life St.George’s hospital will be looking out for me.

Claire Boutsiavaras

I had never heard of dry needling before. Ellen recommended it for a muscular issue in my shoulder and neck that had been troubling me for a year. I couldn’t believe the results! A trigger point in my traps reduced in size and I could feel almost an immediate difference after my first session of needling. After four sessions the progress I have made is amazing! Dry needling by Ellen has been life changing when I consider the daily pain I had been experiencing.

Lynn Booth

I have acted as a mentor to Ellen since 2008, providing advice on her career progressions and skills development from graduation. This has included being part of the London 2012 Medical Services at the Paralympic Games (as a sports massage practitioner), being awarded the Bronze ACPSEM accreditation, being appointed as the ACPSEM rep for London and being invited to interview for sports physiotherapy positions within amateur and professional sport.

Jody Knight

Ellen treated me for a painful shoulder with dry needling and deep tissue work. I had never had dry needling before, but Ellen made my first experience feel comfortable. Ellen described each process in a clear and concise way, which helped me to relax during the dry needling. As a result Ellen’s treatment has relived me of pain in my shoulder, and is by far the most effective treatment I have had for this issue.


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